Season Analysis: It feels like The Neighbors slipped through a portal from the 80’s, looked around, realized it was the 2010’s, and decided to stay the same anyway.  After a rough start of inconsistent storytelling and characterization, it eventually figured itself out and utilized one of the best casts around (believe it or not) to become the most consistent comedy on television.


Precocious children are a staple of television, and while precocious children also exist in reality, their small screen counterparts may sound just a little bit too much like adults.  But lack of believability can be okay as long as the hilarity is delivered in abundance.  In the case of Dick Butkus, The Neighbors easily takes care of the latter and actually may have an explanation regarding the former.  Dick is an alien, and perhaps it is natural for a Zabvronian to talk as he does at his age.  Perhaps he is even actually older than he appears to be, considering that his parents are apparently hundreds of years old.  Whatever the explanation for Dick’s precociousness, his Halloween costume of Debbie Weaver with Marty Weaver puppet was a perfectly clownish representation of his neighbor’s marriage.  Ian Patrick’s performance in “Halloween-ween” had me laughing more than just about any other sitcom moment from the 2012-13 season.