Season Analysis: AD! Season 9 was never in danger of being a season to forget, but it wasn’t one to remember either until it brought things together with a character shakeup at the end of the season that really went places.


“Lost in Space”
If there was any episode of television this season that illustrated the virtue of mixing up the routine, it was “Lost in Space.”  It does not feature any members of the Smith family proper, instead focusing entirely on Haley’s husband Jeff, a hitherto basically inoffensive but unmemorable character.  The story of Jeff working as a slave on a spaceship from Roger’s home planet is a richly realized, visually engrossing sci-fi mini epic.  His journey to prove his love of Haley at the risk of losing his genitals was a lot sweeter and more romantic than I would have ever expected a Jeff-centric episode to be.  Jeff’s disposition is plenty sweet (when he has enough presence of mind to be sweet, or anything, on purpose), but he has never been known to go above and beyond in his devotion.  So it was heartening to see him actually step up to the plate and show who he really is.  The twist revealing that Emperor Zing long ago had his heart broken by Roger was wholly appropriate.  Plus, Sinbad stopped by to voice himself and remind us how awesome Good Burger is.