Season Analysis: The Big Bang Theory actually had some major developments with some of its main characters, thus defying all expectations.


“The Closet Reconfiguration”
If there is one thing The Big Bang Theory is known for getting right, it is not the emotional beats.  I have never once watched an episode of TBBT and thought, “That was beautiful” … until “The Closet Reconfiguration.”  Sitcoms tend to be more about emotional resonance than laugh-out-loud moments as they get older.  Surprise is the most important element of humor, and there is an inverse relationship between a sitcom’s age and its ability to surprise.  But sitcoms can still be worth watching in their golden years, and perhaps the most common reason for that is the relationship between viewers and the characters.  Up until this season, TBBT seemed either incapable or uninterested in capitalizing on that connection.  The gang is always so petty and snippy with each other that it is a wonder that they have all remained friends for six seasons.  But the stories that Howard’s friends told him that all could have potentially been the contents of the letter from his father proved their friendship.  Even Sheldon’s version that was obviously the plot of The Goonies managed to show how much he cares.  This is what The Big Bang Theory is supposed to be doing: taking a legitimately nerdy idea and giving it a real world application.