Season Analysis: The Cleveland Show was starting to lean too hard on the fourth wall breaking by Season 4.  It wasn’t that it was unfunny so much as it was pointless.  Other than that, the show remained an essentially agreeable half hour.


“The Fist and the Furious”
It is the nature of every episode of basically mediocre shows like The Cleveland Show to not stick out one way or the other.  To break out requires a new or uncommon element, such as a guest voice appearance by the indispensable Bryan Cranston.  Cranston voices Dr. Fist, whose name sounds creepy if you are inclined to think of it that way, but it is amusing that the show never really calls attention to that element.  The One Who Knocks brings the right mix of badass gravitas and vulnerability to the role of a man trying to escape his past during which he got mixed up with the mob.  It turns out that he is in Witness Protection, and it also turns out that his original name was Green-Jarvis Ben-Ellis, only because that sounds funny, not because it has anything to do with the football player.  This episode also works as a cartoonishly heartwarming tale of the deeds of friendship, in which Cleveland shoots Dr. Fist to prevent the mob from killing him and then successfully performs surgery on him by doing it Operation-style.