He had a real peaceful look on his face before he exploded.

Piers Morgan Live
It would have been nice if in addition to showcasing whatever they wanted to showcase what was in the news this week, they also put Taran’s Piers Morgan to greater use. C

Josh Hutcherson’s Monologue
Having seen The Hunger Games made all the beats of this monologue super obvious.  The key party business was interesting, though. C

Girlfriends Talk Show
I guess Aidy Bryant is really committed to this character.  That’s the best explanation I can come up with for how many times this sketch has appeared.  I mean, it’s okay, but not something to anchor the show with.  Having a male guest mixed things up nicely, and I liked how it was overall less cruel to Morgan, so, there’s that. B-

Baby Boss
This sketch struck me as more of a useful improv exercise rather than a fully-formed sketch. C+

Matchbox 3
I often find myself in a crowded area when I want to spread out with my dancing, so I can relate. B

Haim perform “The Wire”
Whoever was directing was really not prepared for all three Haims to take the lead at various points.  Anyway, the song is great, the ladies are great, why complain. B+

Weekend Update
-The Jokes: Hey, Seth, the Internet has already made 2 Million Fast 2 Million Furious Jokes.  There were a couple of good jokes, like Bieber complaining to the police that no one came to his party and the newspaper having a marijuana reporter, they’re just looking for him. C
-The Worst Lady on an Airplane: She really didn’t seem like THE WORST. C

Oh, that song I keep expecting to turn into “Jessie’s Girl” is “Your Love” by The Outfield!  I love songs that work as conversations, and placing them into different contexts.  Vanessa does a great job of playing suddenly overwhelmed by being in love. A-

Best Buy
This edition was mixed up a bit, but ultimately these insult comic employee sketches are too predictable.  Once again, Taran saved the day, and the explanation that he follows Niff and Dana from job to job was appreciated. B-

This Kyle Mooney, he’s going places.  (Also, let’s all check out this video.) A-

Haim perform “Don’t Save Me”
I was hoping for “Falling.”  Now THAT’S a good song, and one that I imagine would be really good live.  “Don’t Save Me” sounds more like a steady song you play to keep the middle of a set going (and appropriately enough, it’s right in the middle of the album). B

Animal Hospital
The rhythm of this sketch was way too easy to figure out right from the get-go, but there were some odd moments.  Like the exploding horse. C+

Winston Sam Bass: Investigative Report
I’ve heard people complain that Mike O’Brien’s performances have been stiff and uncertain.  Well, here’s a sketch where that was actually an advantage! B+

Thanksgiving Dinner
Oh my gravy. (This has been an inside joke.) B

This episode started off staid, and then post-Update, got really weird.  It was a little weird early on, but the Baby Boss was no more than its premise and Matchbox 3 was plenty unusual but too lethargic (by design, to be fair).  And then we got the “Who came up with that” of the “Your Love” sketch, the Kyle Mooney-liness of “dancing,” the stupid awesome silly of Bugs, and … Vanessa Bayer as a turkey.  Hutch melted right into the cast, and once again, there were more original than recurring sketches.

The Best Sketch of the Episode featured Poco, Blade Tsunami, JB Rocks, Lil’ Freeze, AND Professor Skillz!