I’m fine that we’re seeing JT again in less than a year, but not so much that we’re seeing another -ville sketch again so soon. I would have been fine with it if this edition were really good, but it wasn’t so much.  I had trouble making out all the lyrics.  Although maybe that was because I was tired. B-

Jimmy Fallon’s Monologue
Oh boy, here comes another musical monologue.  At least Jimmy is up to the task.  I liked the concept, but I think I would have preferred it if Jimmy had kept going on with his impressions in an increasingly difficult manner.  It was fine that Paul showed up, I suppose, but I think it would have worked better if that appearance had come later. B

Family Feud Celebrity Edition
SNL has done Family Feud sketches before (some classics, I might add) and Steve Harvey is one of Kenan’s best impressions, so how has it taken this long to do a Steve Harvey-hosted Family Feud sketch?  Unfortunately, there wasn’t a whole lot of fun with the answers, so the success of this sketch relied on the impressions.  Jimmy’s Jim Parsons was more of a Sheldon Cooper impression, but it worked in that regard.  Justin’s Jimmy was a little broad, but mostly accurate.  The others were mostly working, but nothing special.  The meta joke about Brooks was cute.  At least he got some screen time out of it. B

(Do It On My) Twin Bed
The 7th grade pictures of the girls (and Jimmy) brought the laughs, and the aww’s.  How is that baby-faced Noël used to have such a mature-looking visage? B

The Barry Gibb Talk Show
Needed to be weirder and wilder than usual. B-

Justin Timberlake performs “Only When I Walk Away”
It got me into a groove. B

Weekend Update
-The Jokes: Yeah, actually some good material this time around.  The Internet being open all the time and old people spending a third of the time trying to remember what actor was in what movie weren’t too crazy, but they made sense.  The slightly haunted to fully haunted/slightly deaf reversal was a winner. B
-The Segments: -Billie Jean King: Spirited, kind of funky. B
-Jimmy Fallon and Michael Bloomberg: I’m not sure why Bloomberg was here.  I suppose he made one funny joke.  Anyway, there wasn’t really enough “there” there to make a full segment out of. C+

Waking Up with Kimye
A much better realization of this concept than the first time.  “Starring in a book” and “Mr. Black Guy” were easy pickings, but well-phrased.  Still, Nasim’s nasally Kim is on the wrong side of annoying vs. making fun of annoying. B-

Now That’s What I Call Christmas
A spiritual sequel to the Bublé duets from Jimmy’s last show isn’t the most original of ideas, but an impression showcase doesn’t necessarily need an original concept.  This was a mixed bag, ranging from the inspired (Alan Rickman, DMX) to the underwhelming (most everyone else) and the not exactly bad, just incorrect (Lorde). B

A Christmas Carol
Ebenezer Scrooge is gay?  I suppose there are less fruitful concepts.  It would have helped if this sketch went beyond the most obvious jokes, though. C-

Baby, It’s Cold Outside
Cute, but lightweight, but allowably so. B-

Justin Timberlake performs “Pair of Wings”
JT, I love you, but this is not your best material. C+

This episode was certainly not bad, but it was underwhelming.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of Jimmy’s last holiday hosting stint (I liked it just short of loving it), but I can understand the love it has received, as it was a particularly energetic and vibrant episode.  There were a few sketches with loveable potential here (particularly the Twin Bed song), so your mileage may vary here, but everyone involved here has done better work before.

Best Sketch of the Night, because of 7th Grade Pictures: