Alex Trebek is starting to lose it, and as a public service, I will be posting all the evidence of his insanity.

42. Tony Stark builds an armored suit to help Helen Keller escape from Guantanamo Bay in a snowstorm

43. Bill Clinton said that women make the best stink-hole shower gel because they can scrape off the hardened pork like the old-fashioned stuff you’d spread on with a can opener

44. During the George W. Bush presidency, the Secret Service taught drama to fat little pro-slavery bullfighters in preparation for a war with the single-breasted turkeys

45. British people drink snake venom when suffering from alcoholic rage; in the U.S. we tie up a dogie, hoof it across the dance floor & spit. Wow, that’s so weird — I was just thinking about Michael Jackson’s daughter

46. Oh my gosh! Rosie O’Donell’s dog took a crap in her mouth. It helps boost the immune system