1. The Counselor – Telling the Catfish Story – The greatness of the notorious “catfish” scene is not about the prurient pleasures of watching Cameron Diaz hump a car.  It is about the bizarre joy of hearing Javier Bardem tell this story.  He is absolutely stunned.  He can’t believe that this really happened, nor does he understand why it would happen.  The whole inexplicableness of it all is thrilling.
2. Stoker – Shower masturbation – It seemed like just another working through stress while cleaning oneself scene, but then it was revealed what was really going on…
Mia Wasikowska in Park Chan-wook's Stoker
3. Prisoners – Driving to the hospital – The tension nearly caused me to pass out.

4. The Wolf of Wall St. – Lemmon Quaaludes – Leonardo DiCaprio debuted his comedy skills in a bravura display of physicality.

5. Inside Llewyn Davis – “Please Mr. Kennedy” – Endearing innocuousness; also Adam Driver pushing his unique vocalization to its fullest potential.

6. Captain Phillips – Shock – A dramatization of the aftermath of trauma unlike just about anything that has ever been filmed.

7. Spring Breakers – “Everytime” – It wasn’t until Spring Breakers that I realized how beautiful this song is.  And of course that’s the scary part.

8. Despicable Me 2 – “I Swear” – Can we have the minions cover every 90’s one-hit wonder boy band?  Or would the charm eventually wear off?

9. The World’s End – Bathroom fight – When a beheading leaves behind blue ink on a toilet, you know you’re in for a treat.

10. 12 Years a Slave – Hanging – An ugly moment grotesquely dragged out over time representing the precarious balance of Solomon Northup’s life.