Season Analysis: In its formative stage, The Neighbors took a while to figure itself out, striking an inconsistent tone and quality level.  So how wonderful was it that in its second (and sadly final) season, it was the most consistent sitcom on television.


“Family Conference”
Great episodes of shows with fine ensemble casts tend to be those that put every main character in a room together.  By its season 2 premiere, The Neighbors had figured out what each of its characters represented, and that was on display in the Weaver/Bird-Kersee conference for determining the viability of Amber and Reggie dating.  Sophomore debuts are often a time for shows to re-assert themselves, and “Family Conference” certainly took that opportunity, with everyone in the roundtable getting at least one moment to shine.  Larry’s pomposity, Dick’s officiousness, Abby’s preternatural fortitude, and a hologram Jerry Springer were all on display, but this being an Amber-Reggie plot, it was Tim Jo’s time to shine with lines like “put a little Mickey Mantle in my bewwy” and “just us, a little house, and 2.5 lizards … or orchids” (because Zabvronians are either reptilian or plant-based) wonderfully displaying his off-putting, but weirdly endearing, extraterrestrial sweetness.



“Supreme Like Me”
An exemplary episode for Larry, who is forced to get a job and in the process learns about the hipster barista lifestyle.


“Close Encounters of the Bird Kind”
Dick forms a brain trust consisting of Joel Stein, Lawrence O’Donnell, and Bill Nye, and the fact that that could happen in the universe of The Neighbors is hilarious enough, but added to that is the fun revelation that they are Debbie’s three celebrity crushes.