Season Analysis: While The Big Bang Theory will probably never stop undercutting itself by giving every episode the quickest, easiest conclusion, Season 7 did show off some of the strongest recognition yet of its best cast dynamics

The Status Quo Combustion

“The Status Quo Combustion”
While it is not the worst offender on the dial and while it has gotten better in this regard, The Big Bang Theory is one of the most allergic-to-change shows on television.  But it has always had a tendency to mix things up in its season finales, and Season 7 was no exception (as explicitly made clear in the episode title).  The status quo has combusted before, and Sheldon has left the apartment before, and things have ultimately gone back to normal.  But this time is different – the Big Bang writers have actually set themselves up in such a way that the changes must stick (at least somewhat) permanently.  Raj actually did have sex with a girl he likes, Leonard and Penny are really getting married, Stuart’s comic book store actually did burn down, and Amy actually did suggest that she and Sheldon live together.  This is all too much for Sheldon, but more so than ever before, the show he’s on is not following his example.  Leonard and Penny ultimately decide to just let him leave town, and it is unclear just how this will be resolved, and when it comes to The Big Bang Theory, that uncertainty is thrilling.