1. The Affair – Fascinating narrative device and fascinating characters, and it still hasn’t shown its full hand.
2. Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories – Tim and Eric are finally fully operating in their natural habitat of horror-comedy.  Or is it “horror”?  Or is it just horror?
3. black-ish – A sitcom with a point of view that’s sticking to it.
4. Mr. Pickles – Truly avant-garde – important to pay attention to, though not necessarily always enjoyable.
5. The Flash – A lot of fun, but it needs to do some more work to distinguish itself.
6. Selfie – It’s moving away from the problematic elements of its premise and focusing on the strength of its cast.
7. Marry Me – This show has the parts, but it needs to settle down to prove itself.
8. Mulaney – If I weren’t reviewing this show, I … might still be watching, but it would be on notice.
9. Gotham – This started out mediocre but fascinating, then became bad  but fascinating, and then the last episode was just boring.

Still to Come:
Mike Tyson Mysteries