Weirder is better, and so are surprises.

1. Squarespace – “Om” – My takeaway from Super Bowl XLIX: We’ll all be better off if we just let Jeff Bridges lead us in meditation.

2. Snickers – “Very Brady” – Snickers snuck to the same campaign, but the new setting was a surprise, and the casting was excellent.

3. Kia – “The Perfect Getaway” – I liked how Pierce Brosnan and his agent agreed about the fireworks by the end.

4. Skittles – “Settle It” – A lightly grotesque and very memorable image.

5. Esurance – “Sorta Pharmacist” – Effective recontextualization.

Honorable Mention:

Chevrolet – “Colorado” – A lot about that night had me wondering if there was something wrong with my TV.