Ham, HAIM, blood, and dancing…

1. Big Data ft. Joywave – “Dangerous” [Directors: Brandon LaGanke and John Carlucci] – A satire about the hyper-sexualization of the media needs to go full-bore in flipping the script. This clip from Big Data did just that, turning big-breasted women for athletic gear into full-on insatiable predators.

2. Sia – “Chandelier” [Directors: Sia and Daniel Askill] – Sia-stand-in Maddie Ziegler’s routine was a triumph of choreography, cinematography, and attitude.

3. Mr. Oizo – “Ham” [Director: Eric Wareheim] – The latest video directed by Eric Wareheim (of Tim & Eric fame) fixed its lens on American Gluttony.

4. Fitz and the Tantrums – “Fools Gold” [Director: Zak Stoltz] – The dissolution of a relationship is here represented by a series of falls from an apartment building, with slow-motion, fast-forward, and set destruction in tune with the beat.

5. Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX – “Fancy” [Director: Director X] – The homage to one of the most representative movies of the nineties proved how paradoxically timeless art that is tied to a certain time can be.

6. The Black Keys – “Fever” [Director: Theo Wenner] – Dan Auerbach took on the role of a televangelist, as he asked for donations to the cause of rock ‘n’ roll.

7. Common Shiner – “Social Mediasochist” [Director: Zoran Gvojic] – Classic horror villains came together for a school dance to prove just how likeable they are in every way, besides killing people.

8. Ariana Grande – “Break Free” [Director: Chris Marrs Piliero] – Chris Marrs Piliero stayed atop the music video heap as he imagined a space opera for Ariana Grande to frolic around in.

9. Haim ft. A$AP Ferg – “My Song 5” [Director: Dugan O’Neal] – Vanessa Bayer hosted a daytime talk show for the Haim girls to air out their relationship grievances.

10. Sebastian Grainger – “The Streets Are Still a Mess” [Director: Eva Michon] – Opening with the credits, and then throwing it back to the action, this throwback-style clip features breakdowns, breakbeats, and beat-ups.