1. X-Men: Days of Future Past – “Time in a Bottle”: Mid-film applause was in order.

2. Nymphomaniac – Uma Thurman: “Would it be all right if I showed the children the whoring bed?”

3. 22 Jump Street – End Credits: “Dye hard.”

4. Whiplash – Final performance: What are you doing?

5. Snowpiercer – Classroom: Sing-along of the year.

6. Edge of Tomorrow – Death montage: “What the hell were you thinking?”

7. Gone Girl – Cool girl speech: Cheap. Cash.

8. Birdman – Riggan gets locked out and walks through Times Square in his underwear: “Dude, you fucking rock!”

9. Top Five – Houston: The stains!

10. The Skeleton Twins – “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now”: Don’t you dare.