In this feature, I look back at each day of the past week and determine what shows “won TV” for the night. That is, I consider every episode of television I watched that aired on a particular day and declare which was the best.


Sunday – The Night Of (but Honorable Mention to some crazy game show answers from Snoop Dogg)
Monday – UnREAL
Tuesday – Difficult People [7/26/16 EDIT: I initially picked Not Safe with Nikki Glaser because streaming schedules make me a little crazy.]
Wednesday – Mr. Robot [7/18/16 EDIT: I initially picked Another Period because I forgot that Mr. Robot had aired.]
Thursday – Jeopardy!
Friday – Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule, in which we learned an important lesson about trumpets
Saturday – I caught a bit of Round 3 of The Open Championship