I had a bit of a computer mishap this Sunday, so there was a fill-in reviewer on Bubbleblabber: http://www.bubbleblabber.com/review-the-simpsons-the-caper-chase/

So now here are my thoughts:
I’ve commented multiple times this season how modern Simpsons has an annoying knack for stuffing into a single episode multiple plots that could easily stand on their own. “The Caper Chase” seemingly had a formula to avoid that problem, as it remained focused on Burns’ for-profit college – and college in general – throughout. But alas, it stuffed too many threads (liberal campus excesses, inspirational teacher homage, Ex Machina parody) within that main idea.
And now for some memorable quotes and other observations:
-Jason Alexander has a knack for playing paragons of pomposity like Bourbon Verlander, despite being miles away from George Costanza.
-I loved the one New Yorker randomly yelling “Verrazano Bridge!”
-“I’ll buy you a new library if you have them killed.”
-“Former Bonesman.” “Living or dead?”
-“University of Phoenix, Oklahoma, in Washington State”
-Somehow I was more charmed than offended by the TV recapper dig. Maybe it had something to do with not having to fully review this ep.
-“Well I, you know, the button stuff.”
-“Hey, you’re not the cop around here! I am!”
-Yale is not a Division III school.