So I’ve got the essential categories covered here. You can also head on over to NewsCult for my in-depth analysis of the best sketches. Enjoy!

Best Sketches
10. One Voice
9. The Koohl Toilet
8. Song for Peace
7. A Sketch for the Women
6. Love and Leslie
5. Anderson Cooper 360°
4. Ann Arbor Short Film Festival
3. Black Jeopardy!
2. 100 Floors of Frights
(Click on over to NewsCult to find out what #1 is!)

Most Valuable Cast Member
Kate McKinnon
Runner-Up: Beck Bennett

10-to-1 Sketches
1. A Sketch for the Women
2. Lighthouse Features Logo
3. Frankie’s Ale House

Best Hosts
1. Tom Hanks
2. Louis C.K.
3. Dave Chappelle
4. Chris Pine

Best Monologues
1. Kristen Wiig
2. Dave Chapelle
3. Aziz Ansari

Best Musical Guests
1. Solange
2. A Tribe Called Quest
3. LCD Soundsystem

Best Weekend Update Segments
1. Dawn Lazarus
2. Cathy Anne
3. Beck Bennett, Pop Sensation

Best Episodes
1. Chris Pine/LCD Soundsystem
2. Tom Hanks/Lady GaGa
3. Dave Chapelle/A Tribe Called Quest
4. Louis C.K./The Chainsmokers

Best Lines
In seasons past, I have presented the best dialogue in list form, but this year, I shall just say that the best lines are the entirety of the #1 sketch.