CREDIT (Clockwise from Top Left): Rosalind O’Connor/NBC; Will Heath/NBC; Steve Molina Contreras/NBC; Rosalind O’Connor/NBC)

Was 2018-19 a great, or even good, SNL season? I’m inclined to say “not particularly,” but there’s almost always at least one moment per episode that really tickles my funny bone. Thus, it’s not hard to curate a list of the ten, or even twenty, best sketches of the season. So that’s what I’ve done below, with thoughts included on the top ten. (Note: sketches that were cut after dress rehearsal and then posted online were eligible, since they’re posted so frequently and quickly nowadays.)

20. Weezer Argument
19. Frank Sinatra Impersonator
18. A Frightening Tale
17. Colorectal Exam
16. Discover Card
15. Teacher Fell Down
14. Wedding Reception
13. What’s Wrong With This Picture?
12. The Unknown Caller
11. Retirement Party

10. Toilet Death Ejector

Passing away on the commode really speeds up the “Tragedy + Time = Comedy” equation.

9. House Hunters

Leslie Jones and Liev Schreiber are buying a new house, and hot diggity damn, do they have some surreal specifications.

8. Cars

If Aunt Becky is going to be imprisoned for the foreseeable future, we can rest assured knowing that Claire Foy is well-equipped to replace her.

7. Roach-Ex

Isn’t there some sort of quote about “a can of bug spray and an anthropomorphized bug” equaling comedy?

6. Can I Play That?

If we just allowed everyone to play everyone else simultaneously, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

5. College Admissions

Keep an eye on Sandra Oh when she’s on your board, she’s going to keep your feet to the fire.

4. Domenico’s Coffee

Adam Driver and Cecily Strong really want their coffee, but they don’t want it to be from Burger King. Why you got to give them burger coffee? Man, their reactions are something else.

3. The Actress

Working in porn doesn’t have to take away people’s humanity, nor should it.

2. Dave’s Outside the Women’s Bathroom

Liev Schreiber hosts a talk show outside the ladies’ facilities, and by some miracle, it’s more adorable than creepy.

1. Romano Tours

Adam Sandler wants to show his customers around Italy, but he also wants to keep their expectations in check by reminding them that they will be their same selves both at home and on vacation. This sketch isn’t only hilarious, it’s profoundly psychologically astute. SNL at its most socially good.