CREDIT: Will Heath/NBC

It was a big family weekend for me this … weekend. Birthdays, food, and candles galore! So if it sounds like I’m writing this review after staying out all night partying, you know why. Hosting AND musical guesting this mid-November SNL outing is millennial Harry Styles. The last time we had someone pulling double duty was Chance the Rapper just two episodes ago. Is this a record for the least amount of time between double duties? Almost certainly so. I don’t think it’s even legal for it to happen two episodes in a row.

The opening sketch, as surely expected by anyone with expectations, centered around the congressional impeachment hearings. the formula for most SNL political sketches is: here’s our version of what we all saw happen on the news earlier in the week. But I wish more often it were: here’s this imaginary scene featuring the people in the news. I suppose this story was too big to sidestep, but at least they spruced it up a bit by turning it into a soap opera. So I give Days of Our Impeachment a Grade of a Few Fainting Spells. Anyway, then Harry Styles pranced out for his Monologue (Grade: 3 out of 5 Suspicious B-Camera Shots) and with those wonderful yellow pants and open-collar blue shirt, I’m tempted to say he’s promoting his fashion sense much more so than any of his music. And I must say, I think Harry and his episode started out strong as he played an office intern sent out on a Lunch Run (Grade: 3.5/5 Frederick Douglass Boulevards) who’s intent to get some Popeye’s chicken sandwiches in another example of SNL astutely commenting on racial American stereotypes.

Pre-taped sketch alert! It’s Aidy Bryant singing about her dog. It’s no great revelation about how we live and how we discuss single people’s relationships to their pooches, but Joan (Grade: 3/5 Chihuahuas) does it with feeling. The Childbirth Class (Grade: 3.5/5 Pregnant Rump Shakes) might rely a little too much on Nordic European stereotypes, but man, Heidi Gardner and Harry look like they’re having so much fun as a couple of sexy expecting Icelandic parents, and that’s just plain lovely.

I should probably mention that I had scrambled eggs, rye toast, and crumb cake for breakfast, since I’ve conditioned you guys to expect to know what I’m eating. Would I have enjoyed ingesting all that if I were on the flight portrayed in the Airline Pilots sketch (Grade: 3/5 Great Danes)? Hard to say, but I can say that I enjoyed the line, “For now until Christmas, non-whites fly free.” The “That’s the Game” filmed piece (Grade: 3/5 Grand) features Chris Redd as an aspiring drug kingpin who didn’t think everything through and writing that did think everything through. Next up, Harry serenaded us with a tune called “Lights Up” (Grade: 3/5 Checkered Floors), and it’s a’ight, but it’s no “Sign of the Times.” What do you know, Weekend Update is next, and Colin and Michael have a lovely conversation about how Colin looks like a handsome white supremacist. And I suppose it makes enough sense to have Kate McKinnon return as Jeff Sessions (Grade: All the Oversized Acorns in the World) talking about feline AIDS and eating apple cores. Then Kyle Mooney showed up to play “President of Milk Distribution” Scooter Rineholdt (Grade: 3.5/5 Fake Newspaper Headlines), and I don’t know what the hell that was all about, but it sure was something, and honestly, I laughed more than once.

Is “Corporate Instagram” an SNL genre now? Interesting. The Sara Lee edition of this business gets a Grade of 3/5 Depressing Threesomes. Oh wow, Baby Faye and Her Newsboys (Grade: 2/5 Cartwheels) was chaotic. I couldn’t really hear it over the noise of life, and I’m not sure I really wanted to. I appreciated Cecily committing fully as always, though. Important Announcement! Harry has one more song to sing, it’s called “Watermelon Sugar” (Grade: 3/5 Monochromes) and fashion sense update, he almost looks as delirious as upcoming SNL host Eddie Murphy once did. And for our last sketch of the night, isn’t it lovely that the Funeral DJs (Grade: Smoking Blunts in Peace) are dressed in such a way as to remind us of the everlasting relevance of LMFAO?

With one more new episode remaining until Thanksgiving, hosting duties will fall to Will Ferrell as he becomes the fourth cast alum to join the Five-Timers Club, and meanwhile a musician who calls herself “King Princess” will handle song duties.