CREDIT: Kirsty Griffin/Universal Pictures

Okay, Black Christmas 2019 Remake Version, I understand that you want to be a feminist takedown of rape culture in addition to being a bona fide slasher flick. I heard you the first 100 times, you didn’t need to tell me 100 more! I’ll allow you some leeway with your college setting, as that is a place where more people than usual will combine academic and activist language in their conversations on a regular basis. But at a certain point, you need to trust that your audience is familiar with the ideas you’re working with and get on with your own unique contribution. And honestly, when you do get around to explaining why the frat boy misogyny is a little more aggressive than usual, it’s actually interesting (it just takes too dang long to get there). There is a supernatural undercurrent that offers a terrifying vision of the insidiousness that fuels the attacks on the sorority and pairs well with Professor Cary Elwes’ devious grin.

Horror movies of the world, please take this note: don’t hide your big idea as a third-act twist when it should be the main premise.

I give Black Christmas 10 Arrows Shot Back with a Note Asking to Speed Things Up.