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As a voracious consumer of Peak TV, I could have easily filled my list of the Best TV Shows of the 2010s with hundreds of entries. But instead, I chose to zero in on a golden set of 25 that I am absolutely sure I love and will continue to love for years to come. These are the shows that affected me profoundly when I first watched them and that continued to linger in my brain and my soul as the decade marched on.

25. New Girl – Big kids become young adults, providing a blueprint for the rest of us?
24. Pose – The most bighearted show on the air, thanks to a crew of pure entertainers.
23. American Dad! – If a talking alien lives with a cartoon family, the writing staff can do whatever it wants.
22. The Middle – The charms of the middle (including The Middle) can help you find the top.
21. The Eric Andre Show – Interviewer scares everybody and gives us all a good catharsis.
20. Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 – Get this: a show in which Eric Andre played the most normal person.
19. Comedy Bang! Bang! – Thoroughly crafted, uber-detailed, very serious goofiness.
18. Billy on the Street – Man runs around asking v. important questions, and we ponder the answers forever.
17. 30 Rock – Wacky showbiz goofballs find their happy endings.
16. Key & Peele – Sketch comedy that surprises and hits upon what makes us itch.
15. Bob’s Burgers – We are all so blessed to have a family as familial as these burger-slingers in our lives.
14. Documentary Now! – Parodies of documentaries can be as satisfying, if not more so, than the real thing.
13. Man Seeking Woman – Dating metaphors rendered horrifyingly, wonderfully literal.
12. BoJack Horseman – Humans and humanoid animals serve showbiz realness and punny delights.
11. Baskets – Top-notch clowning.
10. Mad Men – Ad men try to find their stories, and maybe, they also help us find ours.
9. Atlanta – Weird times with the gang.
8. Better Call Saul – A most compelling investigation of morality.
7. Halt and Catch Fire – Interesting characters win us over with their tech passion.
6. Twin Peaks: The Return – It’s not boring to hear about other people’s dreams.
5. Hannibal – “Bloody delicious” never sounded more apt.
4. Rick and Morty – A multiverse of imagination.
3. Nathan for You – This show deserves really good grades for how unique it is.
2. Review – Andy Daly reviews life; makes our lives more delightful.
1. Community – Friends at a community college become our friends.