CREDIT: NBC/YouTube Screenshot

Whoa-whoa-whoa, Saturday Night Live Season 45 wrapped things up before the dates in May even hit double digits. Well, actually, while the finale began airing on May 9, most of it aired on May 10, as this late night sketch show typically airs most of its episodes in the early morning hours (which of course feel more like night).

But no matter what particular minutes this 18th episode of Season 45 aired, it was indeed the season finale. Kristen Wiig wasn’t officially announced as the host during the opening montage, but she certainly performed more hostly duties than any of the other stay-at-home guests, so we’ll call her the host. And as for the music, we’ll take it II Motownphilly with some Boyz II Men (featuring Babyface).

As for my state of mind while watching, I cooked up some scrambled eggs that I started chowing into right as I summoned up the cold opening. I considered just having a quick bowl of cereal, but since it’s Mother’s Day, I decided I must get eggy with it. I added some milk to make it fluffy. It spilled a little out of my teaspoon, but not enough so that the dish up didn’t end up sufficiently fluffy.

Note: in honor of the holiday, all of my grades for this episode will be mom-based.

As we get spring-y with it, it’s time for a lot of young people to finish up with school. The speaker at the St. Mary Magdalene Virtual Graduation (Grade: 2/5 Mom-Bombs) is Donald Trump (as played by Alec Baldwin), but I kind of want to see how this sketch would have worked out if it was instead a murder hornet. Next up we visit K-Wiig from her bed for an At-Home Monologue (Grade: 3.5/5 Mama Chickens), which has me thinking that when SNL returns to the studio, they should wheel out a bed onto the stage and have someone perform the monologue while lying down. Guest fellow Martin Short teams up with Heidi Gardner for the Zoom Catch-up sketch (Grade: 2.5/5 Mammas), and I just got to know: how did these folks ever become friends with Deirdre and Ripley?

Let Kids Drink? I think that stinks. But I’ll give this questionable-advice music video a grade of 3/5 Mom’s (and Dad’s) Days Off. The Masterclass commercial (Grade: Where’s Mom When You Need Her to Be Your Audience?) mostly convinces me that I never want to do impressions while I’m home alone. Only an audience for me! The main question I had while watching the Mount Methuselah Zoom Church Session (Grade: 2.5/5 Mother Marys) was: who’s playing all the extras?! I’d like to know!

I didn’t need Pete Davidson’s Danny Trejo song (Grade: 3.5/5 Madres) to tell me that Mr. Machete is in quite a great deal of filmed entertainment, but I did appreciate learning that he was in fact in multiple episodes of soap opera The Young and the Restless. In the Bouncy Waves hair vlog (Grade: 3.5/5 Maternal Roots), Kristen Wiig really makes a meal out of using up the entire frame.

I drank plenty of water while watching this episode. I tend to be quite thirsty most mornings, and watching SNL seems to only ramp up my thirst.

We’d all like to be in a Mother’s Day mood, so SNL‘s talent booking team wisely booked Boyz II Men (featuring Babyface) to perform “A Song for Mama” (Grade: 3.5/5 Ooh-Mama’s). A little stunningly, Boyz II Men have never before performed on SNL, so it was a good time to rectify that.  Hey, guess what’s up? Weekend UPdate (Grade: I’m Doing Well, Mom, That’s My Update), that’s what. Tina Fey (a mom herself) pops by for a Mother’s Day-themed message, and Jeanine Pirro (as played by Cecily Strong) throws a drink through the Zoom. The All In Challenge-winning joke lands with a bit of a thud, but then we get Michael forcing Colin to tell one last supposed sick kid joke, and it’s a doozy.

What’s Wrong This Picture (Grade: 3.75/5 Mom Jokes) might be the most Zoom-proof recurring SNL game show currently around. Eleanor’s House (Grade: 3.5/5 mothers!) makes wonderfully disturbing use of creepy “kids show”-style animation. How it’s going, Richard Carson? Is Brandon (Grade: No Moms in Sight) Mikey Day’s actual son? I wonder if he’s proud that he’s got a kid who can play a demon spawn so convincingly. The Lighthouse Keeper’s Isolation Tips (Grade: 3/5 Yarrrr Mamas) are perhaps Kate McKinnon’s method for staving off cabin fever by embracing it. Beer Money (Grade: 4/5 Kyle Momseys) is the latest triumph of Kyle Mooney just taking on every role in his weird little playlets. Shooting wacky adventures by himself at home is simply his forte. Did he kickstart the pandemic as a way to give himself a chance to shine? Follow the money…

We wrap it up by going to sleep with the cast members and witnessing their lovely Dreams (Grade: 4/5 Goodnights). I laughed quite a bit when Kyle first showed up, as I initially thought this was going to be all about Cecily, so it seemed like Kyle was in the same bed as Cecily. Which is just wacky! May all our own bedtimes be similarly wacky.

SNL will (most likely) be back in the fall to get it going with Season 46. That’s two score and six! In the meantime, I must thank you, my readers, for reading what I’ve written. It is a truth hereby acknowledged that I appreciate it.