CREDIT: NBC/YouTube Screenshots

If you are a human being who watched every minute of Saturday Night Live Season 45 and didn’t laugh at least 15 times, I would be surprised. HERE ARE MY RANKINGS OF THE BEST SKETCHES OF THE SEASON! (All sketches from the 2019-20 season were eligible, whether they were from regular episodes, or from stay-at-home episodes, or posted online after being cut for time. New cut-for-time sketches have continued to steadily trickle in since the season finale; with that in mind, this list will be regularly updated accordingly if necessary.)

15. Food Dudes: Ingenuity can take people far if they’re sufficiently motivated.

14. “The Roadie” (Chad & J. Lo): Hitting the big time!

13. “Dad”: Cell phones used to be BIG. They can still cause BIG problems if they keep you from paying attention to your family.

12. Ventriloquist: “Dummies taking on a life of their own” is a standard comedic conceit, but there’s still room for Will Ferrell to take it to new, demented places.

11. Sara Lee: I’m glad that a more progressive society has led us here.

10. Harry Styles Sketch: The only question that needs to be asked by anyone anywhere in the world right now is: what other boy band hunks does Will Ferrell need to play next?

9. “The Queen” (Chad & RuPaul): We’re all born naked, but only one of us is born Chad.

8. Big Willie’s Pizza: Have you ever watched a common movie scene and wondered, “What’s going on with the other characters we haven’t met?” Well, have I got a sketch for you…

7. Childbirth Class: A how-to guide for how to be simultaneously maternal, sexy, silly, and hilarious.

6. What Up With That: At Home: Who knew DeAndre Cole would adapt so readily to shooting from his house? We all should’ve known; he’s indefatigable.

5. Grouch: All popular iconic characters deserve a deep-psyche-dive reimagination.

4. Father-Son Podcasting Microphone: Sometimes a new medium is all you need to break through to a loved one.

3. Dog Court: While that pug feverishly wriggled around in Judge Cecily Strong’s grasp, my funny bone had multiple orgasms.

2. “Jason”: Kyle Mooney is not so sure his little brother played by Harry Styles knows what’s what. So he sings a song about it!

1. North Pole News: A polar bear has broken into Santa’s workshop and started eating elves. A black elf in sweatpants played by Eddie Murphy lets us know what happened, and every word that comes out of his freaked-out mouth is golden. Magic still exists.