I’m a HUGE fan of Misters (Tim) Heidecker and (Eric) Wareheim, but I didn’t fully feel that fandom until after Awesome Show, Great Job! ended its original run. So up until quite very recently, I hadn’t seen a single episode in its entirety (with the exception of the 10 Year Anniversary Special).

So I rectified that in the past year by watching ’em all! (Great job.) And wouldn’t you know it, there were certain sketches that I just had to watch over and over again. The short run times (sometimes sub-one minute) certainly help with that rewatchability. So in the interest of spreading joy out in the world, I decided that I would list the top 10 Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! sketches I just can’t stop watching!!

10. Spaghett: My favorite of Tim’s saucy prankster appearances is in the 10 Year Anniversary Special, which until recently I couldn’t find isolated by itself anywhere. But it actually turns out that it HAS been uploaded to YouTube. A Spaghett prank was probably the reason for this confusion. I should’ve seen my face. (Spagoot!)

9. Tennis: Here’s something you may not know about me: I love watching tennis! All sorts of tennis! Wimbledon! U.S. Open! French Open! Even the Australian Open! I especially love it when the score is tied Chonus-Chonus.

8. Cinco Boy: Of course, Peter Stormare deserves a Nobel Prize for his performance as Gorb. It brought me so much Inner Peace. This one’s for all the step-peppers out there.

7. Strategy for Leadership: I’ll never forget it when Eric says, “I hate these old men!” (But if I do somehow grow old and forgetful, I’m sure there’ll be a Cinco product to help me remember.)

6. Pest Control Prank Call: Here’s the deal: I got this sketch about bees stuck in my head. But here’s the good news: I want a sketch about bees stuck in my head!

5. The Innernette: My favorite way to consume music is by “surfing” it. The Innernette! Theinnrn.

4. Free Real Estate: Godammit, Jim! Have you picked up your keys yet? We only have so many pants to pee in!

3. Whoopsie Daisy: This is the first (and thus far only) Tim and Eric sketch whose transcript I’ve tweeted out in its entirety.

2. Prices: … 3.

1. Celery Man: And we all enterTAYNEd ourselves by dressing up as Tayne for Halloween, the end.