CREDIT: YouTube Screenshots

What makes a good comedy sketch? Oh jeez, there are so many ways to answer that, but one thing’s for sure: we’d better be laughing! So with that in mind, I decided to discuss my favorite sketches of SNL Season 46 by describing how they made me LAUGH.
(As per usual, both sketches that aired live and cut-for-time sketches that were posted online were deemed eligible.)

15. New Choreographers: I laughed WHILE ACKNOWLEDGING THAT I WAS IN THE PRESENCE OF GREATNESS because legends were talking to each other.

14. High School Graduation: I laughed WITH BOISTEROUSNESS because that’s the energy this sketch delivered.

13. Gorilla Glue: I laughed with MY EYES BUGGED OUT because that’s the only way I could visually take in all the effects of Gorilla Glue.

12. Let’s Say Grace: I laughed WHILE DANCING because I couldn’t resist the mealtime energy.

11. Job Interview: I laughed AND LAUGHED AGAIN, because the ridiculous details kept piling on top of each other.

10. It Gets Better: I laughed WITH RELIEF AND RECOGNITION at the ways our lives and society have marched ahead.

9. Workout Mirror: I laughed VIGOROUSLY IN THE BACK OF MY THROAT because that’s how I react to a deeply realized Kate McKinnon characterization.

8. The Maya-ing: I laughed with a BIG OL’ SMILE because I’m touched with a feeling of demented familiarity by hilarious Shining homages.

7. The Martian (Chad on Mars): I laughed WITH PRIDE at all that my good buddy Chad has accomplished in his variegated life.

6. Queen’s Gambit Pitches: I laughed WITH ALL THE LAUGHS I had left to give at this cut-for-time sketch posted the day after the season finale aired.

5. Stu: I laughed WITH CHRISTMAS CHEER at this Santa-themed “Stan” parody.

4. Ratatouille: I laughed AND CHEERED WITH ABANDON because of all the wonderfully unpredictable directions this sketch went in.

3. NYU College Panel: I laughed PRETTY MUCH NONSTOP because the kooky, satirical lines came fast and hard.

2. L’Eggs: I laughed because my brain got all LOOPED UP by the surreal logic of hawking pantyhose to middle schoolers.

1. Sportsmax: I laughed WITH BURSTS at everything Pete and Timmy Chalamet’s deluded Jets fans had to say.