SNL: Bowen Yang, Taylor Swift, Jonathan Majors, Aidy Bryant (CREDIT: NBC/Screenshot)

In case this is the first of my SNL reviews you’re reading this season (or if you just need a refresher), I’ve been mixing up the order in which I list each sketch. This time, I’ve listed them in order of how long my notes were for each sketch, starting with the most notes. (You’ll have to trust me on this one.)

Anyway, Jonathan Majors was booked as the host, while Taylor Swift managed to be the musical guest. This is his first time entertaining us from Studio 8H, while she’s been here multiple times already. Maybe she gave him some advice.

Pastor Announcement: Wow, look at that, it was the last sketch of the episode that got the most notes out of me. That’s actually not too surprising, because the last is often the weirdest, which tends to prompt me to take as many notes as possible in the interest of bottling up  the magic. This particular ultimate sketch wasn’t too weird, though. Mostly horny. Still good for a few laughs, though.

Taylor Swift, “All Too Well” (10 Minute Version): So Taylor really just went ahead and played the “All Too Well” music video/short film on the monitor behind her. And quite frankly, I won’t complain, because red hair is so eye-catching.

Ted Cruz Street: How did Britney end up on Ted Cruz Street? Everything else was standard-issue.

Strange Kid Tales: This sketch draws upon the stereotype of Black people refusing to f with creepy behavior. But that’s not too offensive in this case, as Kenan and Jonathan Majors bring it performance-wise. I wonder how their characters ever got this gig in the first place!

Weekend Update: Sarah Sherman: Whoa, new cast member throwing the heat. And it’s a strike! Sarah should really meet up with Scott Aukerman, seeing as they both like to point out that most of Saturday Night Live in fact takes place on Sunday.

Audacity in Advertising Awards: With Jake from State Farm co-MC’ing, I thought this sketch might feature the Rodgers Rate, but I’m glad it didn’t, because that might’ve been a little too predictable. Also, Tubi is still around! What was up with that joke?!

Man Park: I liked this sketch more as a men-acting-like-dogs parody rather than a commentary on masculinity.

Forgotten Monarchs: What the heck’s a toucan salesman? That could be its own sketch!

Jonathan Majors’ Monologue: One of those relatively quick monologues that basically says, “I’m ready to get to the sketches!”

Weekend Update: Laughintosh 3000: I love robot humor. Always have, and probably always will. (Although it must be said that Aristotle was also giving me some Max Headroom vibes.)

Broadway Benefit: That girl looked old enough to be learning about drugs. Certainly old enough if she’s going to grow up to be a certified theater lover.

Weekend Update: The Jokes: I guess my favorite Update joke this time was the “K” in Stephen K. Bannon standing for “3 K’s.”

Please Don’t Destroy: Three Sad Virgins: Oh wow, the Please Don’t Destroy boys getting promoted to the top of the show right quickly. And then they celebrate with a musical piece that ruthlessly makes fun of them. Probably a good idea, because overinflated egos are not good for most humans.

Dog Bones-n-Melodies: Mostly worth it for the dog extras.

Looking ahead, have you ever had a dream that the SNL before Thanksgiving would be hosted by Simu Liu with musical guest Saweetie? Well, now your dream is coming true!