Parallel Mothers (CREDIT: Sony Pictures Classics/Screenshot)

Starring: Penélope Cruz, Milena Smit, Israel Elejalde, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Rossy de Palma, Julieta Serrano

Director: Pedro Almodóvar

Running Time: 120 Minutes

Rating: R

Release Date: December 24, 2021 (Theaters)

Those mothers aren’t parallel! On the contrary, they intersect quite a bit!

But I’m okay with that! It probably would have been a worse movie if they had remained fully parallel. And I’m also okay with the title not being 100% mathematically correct. Pedro Almodóvar is more of a poet than a professor, after all. But now I’d kinda like to see him make a movie about a calculus professor…

Grade: Top-Notch Soap Operatics