SNL: John Mulaney, LCD Soundsystem, Cecily Strong (CREDIT: NBC/Cecily Strong)

Good morning to the end of February. This is a review of John Mulaney’s fifth time hosting Saturday Night Live. (N.B.: He also used to be an SNL staff writer.) As such, I will be listing the sketches in order of how close their running times are to five minutes. Noted indie-dance-electronic rock band LCD Soundsystem provided the tunes.

Monkey Trial (4:49): Essential viewing for budding primate-focused zoologists.

COVID Dinner Discussion (5:15): Man, I wish my dinner gatherings could cut to stock footage.

Behind the Slime (4:41): The timing of the slime delivery felt off, but maybe that was intentional? Even if it wasn’t, it fit thematically, so good on ya.

LCD Soundsystem, “Yr City’s a Sucker” (5:28): James Murphy seems like the kind of guy who started singing because something just HAD to be said. And I can understand why in this case, because we all want free TV, don’t we?

Robinson Family Reunion (4:18): How does one apply to be L.L.Bean Customer of the Year?, is the biggest takeaway I had from this sketch.

Blue River Dog Food (3:56): This isn’t the first time that Cecily Strong has had intense opinions about canine kibble. And honestly, who can blame her? Also, I want to hear more about that math regarding the price difference, as it was driving me delightfully insane.

Weekend Update (“Oops, All Jokes” Edition) (6:17): I can’t remember the last time Update didn’t feature a guest segment! Even the at-home editions had some sort of check-in, didn’t they? Anyway, as a current New York resident, I vibed with Michael Che’s declaration that the six subway stabbings must be an undercount.

Five-Timers Club (6:39): If you’re going to have a five-timers sketch, it’s not complete without former staff writer/one-time host Conan O’Brien. Also, good to hear the Good Word about Elliott Gould from Chest Hair Magazine.

LCD Soundsystem, “The Thrills” (3:39): I love a good plink solo!

please don’t destroy: Good Variant (3:17): What we have here is: A Guide for How to Live a Dope Life. It requires nature to play along a little bit, sure, but let’s keep praying.

John Mulaney’s Monologue (7:04): Man, it’s weird to hear so much about John Mulaney’s personal life after all he’s been through lately. I hope the comedy can help keep him healthy!

Subway Churro (8:03): John Mulaney-hosted episodes like to sing show tunes as they remind us about NYC’s questionable culinary options … that’s just how it is!

Ukrainian Chorus Dumka of New York (1:56): In light of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, SNL opts for no comedy before the opening credits. No war, please.

Okay, get THIS: next week’s episode will feature the host/musical guest combo of Oscar Isaac and Charli XCX, and that sounds pretty good to me.