Chad hangin’ out (CREDIT: TBS)

Every week, I list all the upcoming (or recently released) movies, TV shows, albums, podcasts, etc. that I believe are worth checking out.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Theaters)

Woke Season 2 (April 8 on Hulu) – I still have to finish Season 1
Chad Season 2 Premiere (April 11 on TBS) – Season 2 actually already premiered after the March Madness championship game, even though it was branded as a “sneak peek.” Also, even though April 11 has been announced as the premiere date, I’m not seeing it listed on TBS’s schedule. Let’s hope it shows up, because it’s a funny show!
Killing It Season 1 (April 14 on Peacock) – A star vehicle for Craig Robinson.

-Jack White, Fear of the Dawn