SNL: Benedict Cumberbatch, Arcade Fire, Ego Nwodim (CREDIT: NBC/Screenshot)

It seems like whenever there’s a new Doctor Strange movie in the theaters, Benedict Cumberbatch is hosting Saturday Night Live. And it also seems like whenever Arcade Fire has new music, they’re performing it on SNL. Case in both of those points: this episode that I’m reviewing right now.

A few months ago, I listed the sketches in order of how many speaking/singing parts they had, most first. But I never did the reverse order! So that’s what I’m doing this time. A few points of clarification: narrators are counted, except for the introductions of Weekend Update and by Darrell Hammond during the monologue (since that’s more a part of the opening credits). The person introducing the musical guest IS counted for the musical performances, while backup singers generally aren’t counted if they only sing backup. Although in the case of Arcade Fire, it made sense to count Régine Chassagne’s vocals, since she gets enough of a spotlight. And for Weekend Update, the parts with guests are counted separately from the parts that are just Michael and Colin telling jokes. Got it? In that case … here we go!

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Monologue (1 Speaking Part): Benedict informed us that his wife was in the audience, but the camera never cut to her. What gives?!

Weekend Update: The Jokes (2 Speaking Parts): There was a stretch of some really great punchlines in a row, namely, the ones about the Afro-Latino Man Costume, Jackie Robinson and his bat, and Spirit Airlines going from New York to Philly. And then to cap it all, Che totally zinged those ancient cave paintings.

Weekend Update: Amy Coney Barrett (2 Speaking Parts): Do we need to ring the New Catchphrase Alert bell (Re: “Just do your 9”)?

Arcade Fire, “Unconditional I (Lookout Kid)” (3 Speaking/Singing Parts): Wacky waving inflatable guys? Yippee!

Arcade Fire, “The Lightning I, II” (3 Speaking/Singing Parts): Even after all these years, the Arcade Fire crew still sounds so triumphant.

Goodnights + Arcade Fire, “End of the Empire” (3 Speaking/Singing Parts): Damn, AF gets an extra song right at the very end. That’s rarefied territory. They’re a part of SNL super-history now.

Mother’s Day Gifts (5 Speaking Parts): I hope that when Aidy Bryant becomes a mother in real life, her kids treat her better than this! But it’s cool that she’s able to play a character who gets constantly humiliated.

Lansdowne House (5 Speaking Parts): I suspect that that fainting wasn’t real, but was instead just a feint (do you see what I did there?) to prevent wartime enlistment.

Blue Bunny (6 Speaking Parts): In this ice cream taste testing scene, Benedict looked like he was dressed up as Sam Elliott, which had me wondering if it was meant to reference that cowboy’s comments about The Power of the Dog

Just Like You (6 Speaking Parts): I t’s better to be honest with your kids. Not necessarily full disclosure, but definitely tell the truth.

1000 Years Ago Cold Open (7 Speaking Parts): I’m not always the biggest fan of sketches that mostly serve to make a political or social point, even if it’s one that I agree with. You know, the kind that prompt clapter. Which is a big windup for saying that my favorite line from this sketch was the quite silly “Knock knock. Just kidding, we don’t have doors.”

Chuck E. Cheese (7 Speaking/Singing Parts + A Few Silent Parts): Sure, it was freaky, but it was kid-friendly, too, honestly!

Georgia Chain Gang (9 Speaking/Singing Parts): That looks like some damn good cherry pie!

The Understudy (11 Speaking Parts): Damn, Chloe Fineman sure can impersonate her fellow cast members. Please let’s now have a sequel that includes everyone else we didn’t get to this time around.

The ReKhline from Kohler (3 Isolated Speaking Parts + A Chorus of Schoolchildren): I wasn’t expecting to see Benedict get back on the pot like he did during his first hosting gig, but how wonderful that he’s still out there dedicated to some very important work.

Believe it or not, next week Selena Gomez will be the host, and she’ll be paired with musical guest Post Malone.