CREDIT: NBC/Screenshot

In the interest of keeping it wacky, I’ve come up with a food pairing for each of my favorite sketches of Saturday Night Live Season 47. Bon appétit!

The Jockey: For Kieran Culkin’s turn as an unlikely jockey, I think we’re going to have to go with a Carrot. As well as some Flamin’ Hot Cheetos garnished with Azaleas!

Dad’s Home Movie: While watching Kenan revealing secrets on an old videotape, you gotta go with a Bowl of Popcorn!

The Understudy: As you witness Chloe Fineman’s uncanny impressions of her castmates, chow down on an Impossible Burger, which does an uncanny impression of real meat.

Angelo: Cook up some Zucchini to go along with Aristotle Athari’s breakout character, because “zucchini” kind of sounds like his catchphrase.

please don’t destroy: Good Variant: It’s gotta be Coronas with Extra Spoonfuls of Sugar! (You’ll need ’em to wash down that huge party sub.)

First Take: This ESPN parody was the best Cut for Time sketch of the season, so pair it with Pizza, because pizza is something that you CUT for a good TIME.

An Evening with Pete: This Pete Davidson-centric homage to Raging Bull calls for some Dry-Aged Meat.

The Talking: Whoa, what a talk show parody. Pop some air-fried Popcorn Chicken as you lap up all the drama.

Short-Ass Movies: This tribute to reasonable run times calls for a reasonably delicious Ice Cream Cone.

Republican or Not: The standout game show parody of the season calls for a Banana – do with it what you will.