(CREDIT: IFC Midnight)

Starring: Lucas Paul, Dalie Rose Tetreault, Ross Paul, Jaime Hill

Director: Kyle Edward Ball

Running Time: 100 Minutes

Rating: Unrated

Release Date: January 13, 2023 (Theaters)

You know those thoughts you have on the edge of dreams and reality when you’re nodding off? That’s what the entirety of Skinamarink feels like. An experimental grainy montage that captures the experience of being a 4-year-old in a dark house with weird noises, this flick lulled me into a very off-kilter state of consciousness. Usually when I nod off in a movie theater, it’s abundantly clear that those liminal thoughts are not part of the film. But in the case of Skinamarink, I’m genuinely not sure what was just in my brain and what was on the screen!

Grade: Skinamarinky-Yes!