Community, “Basic Crisis Room Decorum” (CREDIT: Yahoo! Screen)

This review was originally posted on Starpulse in March 2015.

The Audacity of Hope

In its earlier seasons, “Community” distinguished itself among typical sitcoms with its determined focus on character development.  The study group was various forms of broken, and Greendale was positioned as a place for them to work out their issues and become better people.  The show followed through on this determination in a way that was deeply satisfying.  Six seasons in, “Community” is still concerned about allowing its characters to grow, but it is also intent on emphasizing what works best, and that can mean maintaining the status quo.  “Basic Crisis Room Decorum” found itself squarely within these crosscurrents.  Major developments were looming, but they felt like conflicts that had played out many times before.  Ultimately, though, this episode succeeded by getting deeper into the emotional truth of these situations than ever before.