Do you know where Arbalato Street is?

A Mother’s Day Message from Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton
Vanessa has got Hillary’s vibe down, but the voice isn’t really close.  Sasheer’s Michelle was decent.  The back and forth of the tension was solid.  Hillary having not yet decided if she will run for mother of the year was a clever way to do an obvious joke. B-

Charlize Theron’s Monologue
I thought this was aiming to be a meta takedown of how so many SNL monologues are singing bits, and maybe it was, but it didn’t really work that way, instead being just another singing SNL monologue that kind of joked about how it was a bad idea to do that yet again.  Charlize’s line about men still liking her despite her height was worth a laugh, though, with Beck playing that moment well. C+