This Is a Movie Review: Deadpool 2

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I give Deadpool 2 2.5 out of 5 Baby Legs:

This Is a Movie Review: Deadpool

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Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) reacts to Colossus’ (voiced by Stefan Kapicic) threats.

I appreciate irreverence, but irreverence for irreverence’s sake can be thin and tiresome. It needs a good story to anchor it. Deadpool does not have an especially good story. However! – that is not necessarily a problem, considering that the narrative is meant to be bare-bones and take the piss out of the expected story structure. So as long as the jokes are well-crafted, we are good to go. Thus, it is so weird that this movie spends so much time on the superhero origin backstory, which is rather unremarkable and not especially fun. As for the real raison d’être, Deadpool is surprisingly light on the fourth-wall breaking, although perhaps my expectation that every line of Ryan Reynolds’ dialogue would be cheekily meta was a bit unfounded. Regardless, the real issue is that almost every quip is the most obvious one, save for the scenes with T.J. Miller, who rattles off as many punchlines he can think of off the top of his head. It is nice to see a superhero movie that is not so slavish to its source material or so controlled by the decrees of a shared universe, but what Deadpool is attempting still requires discipline, and he does not quite show enough of it.

I give Deadpool 3 Avocados out of 5 TJ Miller’s and 4 Giv It To Ya’s Out of 7 X’s.