Thank You for Everything, (A) Shaun the Sheep (Movie: Farmageddon)!

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CREDIT: Chris Johnson/Netflix

Dear Shaun the Sheep,

Won’t you please my friend? After watching your first movie and now your new movie, Farmageddon (cool title, BTDubz), I feel like a lot of cool stuff happens when you’re around. But also, you keep everyone out of danger, even when danger appears to be imminent. It’s an ideal combination!

For now, I’ll satiate myself with watching your adventures and live vicariously through your already-friends. Like Lu-La! Please tell me this isn’t the last time you’ll ever hang out together. Maybe you can visit her on her home planet. I’m sure you can figure out a way to get there! I wasn’t even bothered by the fact that her presence inspired super-obvious homages to other famous space creature movies. They actually felt clever and not at all cliché! Also, I think I might start calling my own parents Ub-Do and Me-Ma.

Please let me know as soon as you can, Shaun!


Entertainment To-Do List: Week of 2/14/20

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CREDIT: Chris Johnson, Stuart Collis/Netflix

Every week, I list all the upcoming (or recently released) movies, TV shows, albums, podcasts, etc. that I believe are worth checking out.

Fantasy Island (Theatrically Nationwide) – I must watch every horror movie no matter how ridiculous.
The Photograph (Theatrically Nationwide)
A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon (Streaming February 14 on Netflix) – I loved the last Shaun the Sheep movie!

Duncanville Series Premiere (February 16 on FOX) – Is this the next great animated FOX show?
Good Girls Season 3 Premiere (February 16 on NBC)
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Season 7 Premiere (February 16 on HBO)

-Tame Impala, The Slow Rush