Melissa McCarthy SNL 2-1-14 Big


Super Bowl Halftime
Last year’s Super Bowl halftime sketch was amusing, but that came after the actual Super Bowl, so by default, it wasn’t too imaginative.  So it was nice to see SNL imagining an unusual scenario ahead of time this year.  They could have gone for stereotypical broad theater geek gags here, and they did, but only a little.  This felt like a Broadway production from Broadway people who actually were able to get the Super Bowl facts straight.  Plus the singing and dancing was awesome in and of itself.  Aidy popping in just to say “Oh my!” was delicious. B+

Melissa McCarthy’s Monologue
This was absolutely an unusual monologue, and it was performed with supreme confidence.  The pre-taped flashback was quite a whirlwind.  The fight itself wasn’t all that much, but it was certainly well-directed. B