Community, “Ladders” (CREDIT: Yahoo! Screen)

These reviews were originally posted on Starpulse in March 2015.


“Weird, passionate, and gross”

“Community” season premieres have usually made sure to cover what has happened behind-the-scenes since we last visited Greendale.  In Season 4’s “History 101” and Season 5’s “Repilot,” that meant winkingly commenting on all the personnel changes that had occurred.  With an actual cancellation and a subsequent move to online streaming, “Community” would now seemingly have the most to say about its recent transitions leading up to the Season 6 premiere.  But “Ladders” pretty much jumped right in exactly where Season 5 left off.  An exact time frame was not specified, but with this episode opening with the Dean thanking the Human Beings who saved Greendale, it could not have been too long after “Basic Sandwich,” when that actual saving took place.