Could it be … Satan?! (CREDIT: Vlad Cioplea/Lionsgate)

Starring: Jacqueline Byers, Colin Salmon, Posy Taylor, Christian Navarro, Virginia Madsen, Ben Cross

Director: Daniel Stamm

Running Time: 93 Minutes

Rating: PG-13

Release Date: October 28, 2022

I didn’t have anything concrete planned for this Halloween, so why not see a new scary movie? The latest exorcism fare had just arrived in the form of Prey for the Devil, and I hadn’t caught an advance screening. Sure, it looked fairly straightforward, but I have an appetite for by-the-book scares. It was either that or the 3D re-release of the original Dawn of the Dead. But I didn’t want to pay the surcharge, and I figured I could catch the zombies anytime. Alas, when I got back home, I was bamboozled to discover that the DVD is out of print and it’s not streaming anywhere, not even for a rental fee. So I guess it’s still possible to scare me on Halloween after all!

Anyway, Prey for the Devil was pretty much what I expected.

Grade: I’ll Pray for the Souls of Those Who Made Prey for the Devil, But Just a Normal Amount