It combines time travel with screaming.

Cold Opening – The Lawrence Welk Show
Lawrence Welk Show sketches are generally successful according to how funkily outrageous Dooneese’s confessions are, and this time, unfortunately, she flailed around a bit.  The guest can add an important element, as Will Ferrell and Betty White did particularly, but Elton did not have much to offer other than his piano skills.  But let’s not forget Lawrence himself.  With everyone else disappointing, this sketch served to emphasize that Fred is quite valuable as Mr. Welk, with his bit about seasons pulling it off this time. B-

Elton John’s Monologue
Elton talks about being a new father, and we are happy to have him show off his personality by way of his home life, and we are confident that he understands that he is responsible for putting on a show. B