Best Albums of the 2010s

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One of the big themes about entertainment in the past decade is the incomprehensible explosion of available content in every medium. While this may be a recent development in cinema and television, it’s been the case for music for centuries, or even millennia. Since humans have been banging on rocks and clapping their hands, really. Of course, it was a little more recent than that when recorded music became readily available.

This is all to say, I of course haven’t listened to every album of the past ten years that made its way onto SoundCloud or Spotify, or even all the Billboard chart-toppers. But I did listen to enough of them to be able to assemble a vibrant and varied soundtrack of my life in the 2010s. Here are the musical collections of the era that I just haven’t been able to stop pushing play on.

[4/2/20 2:00 PM UPDATE: This post originally mistakenly included Justice’s , which came out in 2007.]


SNL Review November 5, 2016: Benedict Cumberbatch/Solange

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The Koohl Toilet

This review was originally posted on News Cult in November 2016.

Love It

Over 30 years later, how can we possibly make a relevant parody of perhaps the most iconic commercial of all time? We now have an answer, and it is koohl: The Koohl Toilet. The word “sheeple” gets thrown around a lot today, and it is usually uncalled for. But there is in fact one way in which we all conform, as we are just too busy taking care of business. No more, though! There is another way, and it is not just a ridiculous idea for a comedy sketch, but a real revolution.