Best Episode of the Season: The Middle Season 6

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“The Graduate”
Sue finishes up high school, and everything goes wrong. Sure, “Sue does x, and everything goes wrong” describes 99% of Middle episodes, but this time is exponentially more painful. A happy ending seems impossible, even for preternaturally sunny Sue, but then the most amazing resolution happens. It helps to have been a fan of The Middle from the beginning for this moment to have maximum impact, but Eden Sher embodies all there is to love about Sue Heck so thoroughly, with every part of her journey that led here present in her smile.

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The Middle 6.23: “Mother’s Day Reservations”

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Brick knows how old he is.

The Middle 6.21: “Two of a Kind”

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The Donohues taught Sue how to ride a bike.

The Middle 6.20: “Food Courting”

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Just a minute ago, Mike was in Axl’s seat.

The Middle 6.19: “Siblings and Sombreros”

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Pack The Grapes of Wrath in case you find this episode boring.

The Middle 6.18: “Operation Infiltration”

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Take note: The FDA created Ebola to protect Area 51.