For anyone who wants to know how to make a great flashback episode, “Peter” can serve as the template.  It provided a backstory that we knew needed to be provided: how and why did Walter take Peter from the alternate reality?  John Noble turned in his best performance as Dr. Walter Bishop yet.  There was no question that this was the Dr. Bishop of 25 years ago.  The portrayal of every character was consistent with their 2010 counterparts; no hokey techniques were necessary to make clear that consistency.  Gimmicky jokes that scream “We are in the past!” were mostly avoided, except for a few moments (Eric Stoltz on a marquee for Back to the Future in the alterna-world, the ’80s-style opening credits) that did not get in the way and were satisfying because they stood out.  “Peter” worked because it was treated as any other Fringe episode – one that just happened to take place in 1985.

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