“671 – Jon Hamm/Michael Bublé”

Some of the greatest episodes of Saturday Night Live are those in which you get a sense that ANYTHING can happen.  The formula for an SNL episode has changed over the years, but it remains consistent over the course of a single season.  When that formula is broken, it is usually a good sign.  The Jon Hamm-hosted ep from January 30 broke the formula a bit by having three sketches in a row before the next commercial break after Weekend Update.  But the really notable instance of “anything can happen” came when SNL employed a technique that I do not believe has been employed for about ten years: a character from one sketch appearing in a subsequent, very different sketch.  First, we were treated to the relentlessly funny Closest Organizer commercial parody, and then in a scene in a bar, Will Forte played a guy who walked in and was recognized by Jon Hamm’s character.  How did he recognize him?  Why, he was Tarkey Fensington – the Closet Organizer guy!  That moment of revelation was not the funniest moment of the season, but it was far and away among the most satisfying.  It is moments like those when you know that the writers and cast of SNL are running loose and free, doing whatever they want to do, safety be damned.

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