“To Surveil with Love”

In response to fears of terrorism, Springfield hires a British security consultant to install security cameras around town.  Marge and Ned Flanders become the resident Big Brothers when they are put in charge of surveillance of the security cameras.  Ned proceeds to nag the whole town for the most minor of infractions, but then Bart discovers a blind spot in the Simpson backyard.  Then all the Springfield residents head to the Simpsons’ to partake in debauchery for the sake of debauchery.  Meanwhile, Lisa has to deal with the dumb blonde stereotype; it is a joke as old as time, but one that never gets old.  Simply put, the gags were on, particularly the gay bar that Maggie was watching on a security camera because it looked like Sesame Street.  Putting everything in satisfying context was the twist ending, which revealed that the Springfield security camera footage was being aired as a British reality show entitled American Oafs.  And the true highlight of the episode was the opening, set to the tune of “Tik Tok,” Ke$ha’s hit for all ages.

Though it did not appear in the season’s best episode, the best scene of the year needs to be mentioned.  It appeared in “Love Me Tender,” in which Moe was hired as a judge on American Idol after showing off his judging skills in various local competitions.  Here is his encounter with a talent agent:
“So, what kind of reality shows are we talkin’ about here?”
“Well, to name just a few: America’s Ripest Bananas, So You Think You Can Judge, Who Wants to Be a Welder?, Poodle Vs. Elephant, Leg Swap, Old People Try to Figure Out Computers, American Idol, Dancing with Cars of the Stars, America’s Drunkest Nobody, Let’s Make a Veal…”
“Love that show.”
Somali Pirate Apprentice…”
“Right, yeah, with those guys.”
Fix Andy Dick…”
“It’s about time.”
Bottom Chef, My Life on Kathy Griffin, Pimp My Crypt, Are You Fatter than a Fifth Grader?, and Grave Robbers of Orange County.”
“Geez, that’s, uh, quite a list.”
“Hang on.  I’m getting a text.  Ooh, those were all just cancelled, except for American Idol.”
“Did you just say Armenian Idol?  Cause that’s my favorite show!”
“No, no, no, no, no, American Idol!”
“Oh, yeah.  Who’s their Igor Glumov?”
“Randy Jackson.”
“Ah, good enough.”

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