“Brotherly Love”

Someone should’ve told you not to f*** wid me”
And thus Cleveland, Jr. threw down the gauntlet in his rap battle with Kenny West.
Kanye West’s ego plays a big part in why he is so entertaining.  Ironically enough, when he is able to put that ego aside, he is refreshingly entertaining … even though he is already entertaining in the first place.  I guess the difference is just that he is refreshing, and that is good enough.  I am still not entirely sure that Kanye did in fact put his ego aside for his guest appearance on The Cleveland Show as Kenny West, but he was convincing enough.  It is generally a bad idea to rely on guest stars, but Cleveland has been at its best when employing them.  The spitting melee between Kenny and Cleveland, Jr. was the moment I was convinced that The Cleveland Show, which had been flailing about in search of an identity in the beginning of its run, did indeed have some promise.  The breakout character has been Cleveland, Jr. (he is appropriately described by his father, who is still not sure whether his son is an idiot or a genius) and Cleveland will rise or fall according to the strength of his storylines in the near future.

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