It has been announced that the presentation of the acting categories at this year’s Oscars ceremony will not consist of groups of five presenters, one assigned to each nominee, as had been the case the past two years.  That’s too bad, because I had some ideas for whom they could have called on to present.  I preferred last year’s version, in which the presenters were former co-stars (or some other similar relation) of the nominees, as opposed to two years ago, when the presenters were just past winners in that category.  If the five-for-five format had been stuck with, here’s who I would have recommended:

Lead Actress
-John Cusack, for Annette Bening: In case Bening wins this year, it would be nice to have her co-star from The Grifters, which was the first movie she was nominated for.
-Tom Cruise, for Nicole Kidman: I’m sure they get along these days.  Tom doesn’t make a lot of live appearances on TV these days, so whenever he does, it is always a treat.
-Bill Engvall, for Jennifer Lawrence: I thought that Jennifer had come out of nowhere.  It turns out that she’d been playing one of the kids on The Bill Engvall Show for the past few years.
-Andy Samberg or Chris Parnell, for Natalie Portman: Before Black Swan, Natalie showed some edge in the classic SNL digital short, “Natalie Raps.”
-Joshua Jackson, for Michelle Williams: With Fringe being a great show, Joshua has had as much success lately as his former Dawson’s Creek-mate.

Lead Actor
-Johnny Depp, for Javier Bardem: Javier’s role in Before Night Falls alongside Depp was likely quite the contrast to Biutiful.
-Sam Elliott, for Jeff Bridges: I figured for Jeff, we should go with someone from his last Coen bros. joint, The Big Lebowski.  Julianne Moore, who would be there anyway for The Kids Are All Right, would have made sense, but she was already used for Jeff last year.  Luckily, Sam makes sense as well and fits in with the Western element of True Grit.
-Kristen Stewart, for Jesse Eisenberg: News of Kristen Stewart presenting could have drawn some Twihards to watching the show, but it could have also turned some people off.  But her performance in Adventureland alongside Eisenberg proved that she actually could act.
-Jennifer Ehle, for Colin Firth: They were iconic together in Pride and Prejudice, and they reunited in The King’s Speech.
-Seth Rogen, for James Franco: Seth, Franco’s Pineapple Express costar, could explain how playing a guy with his arm trapped under a rock is similar to playing a pothead.

Supporting Actress
-Will Ferrell, for Amy Adams: Amy Adams’ characters have a thing for athletes, with Ricky Bobby having preceded Micky Ward.
-Daniel Radcliffe, for Helena Bonham Carter: Harry Potter himself could speak for all Brits by discussing the appropriateness of Bellatrix Lestrange portraying the Queen Mum.
-Robert De Niro, for Melissa Leo: Melissa costarred in a couple of movies with De Niro, albeit two of De Niro’s worst (Everybody’s Fine and Righteous Kill).
-Jeff Bridges, for Hailee Steinfeld: Like Gabourey Sidibe and Carey Mulligan last year, Hailee hadn’t been in anything big before this role, so the presenter would have to be a current costar.
-Guy Pearce, for Jacki Weaver: Most of Jacki’s costars over the course of her career would be unfamiliar to American audiences, so it would make sense to go with her most recognizable costar from Animal Kingdom.

Supporting Actor
-John Malkovich, for Christian Bale: Malkovich costarred with Bale in one of his earliest roles in Empire of the Sun.  Bale was already singularly intense at the age of 13.
-Ian McShane or Timothy Olyphant, for John Hawkes, Hawkes’ biggest role before Winter’s Bone was on the HBO series Deadwood, so either McShane or Olyphant would be appropriate.
-Rose Byrne, for Jeremy Renner: In 2007, Byrne and Renner costarred in an unnecessary, mildly entertaining sequel (28 Weeks Later).  Since then, in the past couple of years, Renner has racked up two Oscar noms, and Byrne two Emmy noms (for Damages).
-Kirsten Dunst, for Mark Ruffalo: Mark Ruffalo had a weird relationship with Kirsten Dunst in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  He had a weird relationship with everybody in The Kids Are All Right.
-Kel Mitchell, for Geoffrey Rush: Kel and Geoffrey Rush were both in Mystery Men.  Considering that his old buddy Kenan has found success on SNL, Kel deserves whatever sort of exposure he can get.