I like fluffy pop music about love, despite the bad rap it may get in some corners of music connoisseurship.  I must say, though, I may actually be overestimating the degree to which pop music is looked down upon.  There are plenty of critics out there who give pop a fair shake, whether or not they prefer other genres.  But the reason I am even mentioning this information in the first place is because people who know me somewhat but not completely may be surprised at how much I like lovey-dovey pop music, considering that I usually prefer to rock it out, or to roll with the wild experimental EDM beats.  To be honest, I wouldn’t say as a rule that I like this lovey-dovey genre; you won’t be likely to find me doodling hearts and flowers on my notebook.  But I definitely have a romantic side.  So I’m happy to have declarations of love enter my ears, but I prefer when there’s something unique to those declarations.  And I caught on to something unique the first time I heard Bridgit Mendler’s “Ready or Not.”  Genre organizers have lumped Bridgit in with the Demi Lovato’s and the Selena Gomez’s of the pop world- which makes sense considering that like those two, she first became famous on the Disney Channel – but she really has a sensibility that is different from any other tween-targeted artist.  In “Ready or Not,” her reggae- and jazz-inflected vocal style is subtle, but  noticeable, with a satisfying scat breakdown at the end.  Her strange approach (strange by 21st century pop standards, anyway) may not be full-fledged yet, but this debut single portends great things to come.  And in the meantime, this fluffy, lovey-dovey tune is perfectly enjoyable on its own. B+