Season Analysis: I did not laugh as much during Season 4 of Archer as I did during Season 3.  I generally do not like that line of criticism, because it is about as subjective as one can get it, so I will also say that this season did not feel as significant as the last one.  But the decrease in laughs comment is significant, since Archer is so much about the construction of comedy, and I was not as impressed with that construction this year.  I still enjoyed it, though.  And looking over the grades I gave to the episodes this season, I’m not really sure what the hell I’m talking about when I say I didn’t like it.  And that bit about not laughing as much – turns out, that may or may not be true.  But the lack of significance thing, I’m sticking with that.


“The Honeymooners”
I am tempted to just list the best quotes I wrote down while watching this episode of Archer, because it is the hilarious banter that makes the show what it is.  The plots are usually beside the point; they’re just settings for the ISIS crew to have conversations that are infuriating for them and delightful for us.  So, “The Honeymooners” worked particularly well because it teamed up its characters in ways that are particularly electric.  Honestly, any character combination on Archer is electric, but those of “The Honeymooners” were especially so, at least for this instance.  There’s the classic duo of Sterling and Lana (which leads to Archer sarcastically that he sarcastically climbed the building that Lana was scaling just so that he could find out how much her bonus was worth), and Pam and Cheryl stick themselves into Cyril’s situation, which is perfect, because Cyril is easily egged on and Pam knows how to egg him on (leading to such exchanges as “They are on a mission.” “-ary position!”).