Season Analysis: Oh boy, Suburgatory, when you’re at your best, you’re one of the best sitcoms on TV– Nay! THE best sitcom on TV– Nay! THE best show on TV.  Too bad you’re also the most inconsistent show not created by Ryan Murphy.


“The Wishbone”
Maybe Suburgatory should only do holiday episodes from here on out, as that is where the show has found its most consistent success, especially with Thanksgiving.  The Season 1 turkey episode was its first great half-hour, while “The Wishbone” was the best of the series thus far, and one of the best episodes of any show in 2012.  As Tessa became interested in meeting her mother, she started to discover how similar she was to her, and when that meeting finally happened, but almost didn’t happen, that similarity started to scare her.  But for the moment, she was happy to let things be and just lie down in the here and now.  The shot of Tessa and Alex on the floor of Tessa’s bedroom was perhaps the most beautiful shot on television of the year.  Malin Åkerman may just have done the best work of her career in this episode.

Honorable Mentions: In the 2-part season finale of “Apocalypse Meow” and “Stray Dogs,” every major plot of the season came to a cathartic, sometimes violent, head.  It eschewed literal truth for emotional truth with a wild, expressionistic pastiche.